At Life Studio we understand how debilitating back pain can be. Our Postural Analysis and Movement Correction service studies in-depth postural misalignment and movement dysfunctions, using Pilates based exercises to correct, realign, and reduce tension.

We work to create a strong posture by ensuring the spine and pelvis are optimally aligned to help prevent damage, deformity and degeneration. Spinal alignment is essential for cushioning and protecting joints from stress of movement; maintaining balance and body position; and optimising breathing.


When you have really suffered physical pain, you realise the importance of working with your body to prevent it


We work uniquely with your body’s needs keeping past issues in mind whilst working towards prevention of future injuries. You will develop greater body awareness aiding more efficient functioning in both everyday life and in training, for now and for your future health and mobility.

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If you would like to find out more, book a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation on how Life Studio can help you achieve your goals by texting Sophie Barrett directly and in confidence on 07766 812 874 or email