What is it about being able to create “bad” (& ugly) habits so easily and the good ones being so hard to enforce?!

Habits are about consistency and reinforcing one’s behaviour, thinking and actions.  This rewires and replaces old behaviours and thinking patterns.

So why are good habits so hard to form?

1. It’s how we Perceive the Habit

They are not that “good” habits are harder rather sometimes we are already in the mindset that they are going to be difficult to make and sustain.  If you tell your brain it’s going to be difficult to form it will be.

2. Consistency & Perseverance is a key element in forming a habit

What lies behind this is:

  1. the Investment you put in to this new way of being;
  2. the value that you put on this change and where this new approach is placed on your list of priorities;
  3. both impacting on the focus which is given to this task.

3. Neurobiologically & Psychologically it’s about the Reward

The consequences of this change and what it offers will influence whether this habits sticks.

4. The Power of Persistence

The benefits one receives each time the habit is reinforced needs to be recognised, held in mind and constantly referred to in order for one to repeat the habit.

5. Instant gratification versus long term investment.

As humans, both developmentally and neurologically, we are drawn to a desire for quick change and instant reward.  Yet the “good” habits are those which require us to go the distance and persist despite setbacks and it is these rewards which last the longest, most benefiting us for a life time.

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