Everything begins as a draft, whether it is for writing an essay, drawing a picture or evolving an idea.  Drafting our thoughts can be seen as the first step in the development of our thinking.  This helps us process daily emotions stirred through life events.

Our brain constantly takes in new information, reconfigures old information; processing and recalibrating so that we can adapt, develop and evolve.

Everything has a starting point which I see as a first step towards whatever outcome we are trying to achieve, a first draft you might say.  An example would be in writing an essay.  This normally begins with a brain storm which is then organised into topics, structured into paragraphs and then is developed through writing and reviewing.  Perhaps you are more of an visual.  A picture might come from an image in one’s mind, the brain will link mind to body and an outline will be drawn, visual moving to physical.  The outline will be scrapped, rubbed out, and reworked until it is ready to be built upon.

Thinking begins with a thought, created and influenced by your experiences and emotions.  These initial thoughts and the associated thoughts which follow them link together to form thinking.  To further one’s thinking; one’s ideas, thoughts, associations and feelings needs to be questioned and challenged until a more integrated form of thinking is created.

Thinking does not become solid but instead is malleable so its development is infinite, as is yours.


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