To experience something different, for things to be different, change has to occur. Change can be a daunting prospect moving away from the comfort of the known into the uncertainty of the unknown.

Change can be instigated by external events which are out of our control but ultimately we have the power to make things happen in our lives.


The need for change is an internal and development one. The Self consists of many developmental pathways which continually grow throughout our life. Change is needed for us to be able to continue to grow therefore we might need to create a brand new pathway when the old line is outgrown, ineffective or destructive.

Whether instigated consciously or unconsciously the initial stage of change, development or reinforcement of a particularly pathway is always an internal one. First there is a new or old need that takes prominence in your mind and requires to be met. It is the internal instigation to fulfil a need which leads to a change being desired. A shift occurs in our perspective, meaning and understanding of our life experiences in relation to this need and the desired change. This shift allows for a new pathway to develop or to be reinforced just like learning a new skill which needs to be built to become efficient and effective.


Unless we recognise when change is occurring we don’t know whether to encourage it, alter its direction or speed it up, depending on what it entails and where we want it to lead.

Undesirable Signs of Change

The undesirable feelings associated to change are often felt before change actually occurs and can be seen as a sign that change is needed or is about to happen. Feelings of irritability, short temperedness, anger, defensiveness and resistance towards new ideas and different ways of doing things can become ever present. Our tiredness never ceases to waiver, we struggle to focus, become disillusioned, distant and disconnected with life. It all feels like too much effort, we lack energy and find it difficult to enjoy everyday tasks. We get bored easily and as a result we seek solace in external means such as food. We have less inclination to care for our self, leading to self-destructive practices rather than those which would nourish us.

A big sign that change is needed is in the presence of denial. This is shown with tenaciously supporting the same routines and actions which cause destruction, weariness and pain. We constantly procrastinate and make excuses on why trying something different would not work despite never trying it.

We know that the feelings listed above relate to change when they are consistently present for a period of time or continually return to haunt us despite our best efforts to ignore, forget or bury them.

Positive Signs of Change

There are also encouraging signs of change. There might exist a sense that we have another purpose which has not yet been found, we have something more to give. We feel that we possess something that needs to be shared, something that others could benefit from. It is not that life is not good, but it could be better.

Your perspective is focused on life’s opportunities rather than its limitations. You find yourself searching but you are not sure for what. You are excited for each day that comes, what it will bring and what might happen. You are open to whatever life may bring.

By understanding change, being aware of the signs of change and following its development we can empower ourselves to make things happen by actively initiating change rather than waiting for it to take place.

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