The first emotional and psychological developments occur through the interaction between parent and baby.  This article brings a fragment of insight into how an infant develops emotionally, and the importance of the primary care giver’s role in this process.

The Importance of Emotional Development
As difficult as it might be to accept or perhaps understand, the parent is the first window of opportunity for a child. This is not about financial stability or social status but one’s emotional and mental stability and development.

Before school and play groups, a child’s template of relating, learning and developing is based on the primary care giver.

  • The very first experiences and understandings of life come through the primary caregiver, the mother, father or guardian.
  • The infant uses their carers mental capabilities as theirs develops.
  • The baby:
    – experiences their parent’s moods as if they were their own;
    – learns how to communicate to others, including themselves;
    – takes in how the parent relates to other people, siblings, partner, family
    members, strangers.

Outside Influences
As the child grows in they ability to hold, manage, and process their experiences, their environment outside the primary attachment and family relationship becomes even more influential. This can challenge and impact on ones original template of understand and relating which has been formed.

• family members
• school; teachers and staff
• friends; siblings

Child’s Unique Internal Constitution
There is another very important variable in a child’s development which is present from the very beginning and that is their unique constitution. How a child internalises their experiences will make a direct impact on how they grow and who they grow into, despite their external experiences.

If you are looking for help in understanding your child’s development; your relationship with your child and want to talk through management of bonding issues get in touch.

Or perhaps you wish to understand your own past experiences, childhood and up bringing for self development and/or to support you in your role as a parent.

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