Think of how fast your child grows on the outside, how many shoes and socks they go through. At Life Studio we focus on the growth going on inside which is in constant developmental change. A child’s life is fast moving and complex for which they have to comprehend, regulate and manage their: feelings; relationships; responsibilities; and self-control.

Childhood is a time where curiosity is vital to ensure development and learning. Emotional well-being is a key foundation and a precursor for other developmental lines to which will all mature at varying rates.

Some developmental aspects might require greater focus depending on the individual such as relating, playing, self-control and body awareness.

There may be a specific issue that requires attention; an internal difficulty, a behavioural attribute or a past, or current, experience which the child is struggling to cope with.


Your child deserves the best start in life, it is to this that we aspire


Children are particularly sensitive to change in their external environment. This could be the arrival of a new sibling, a parental conflict or separation, an illness or bereavement within the family; all being external forces that may conflict with a child’s natural development affecting educational and emotional needs.

The child is encouraged to express themselves as they wish using play, art, drama or talking. Life Studio looks solely on what is best for the child, working on the building blocks of their future and providing a scaffold to be used as a structure for their continuing development.

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Experience & Specialisms

Asperger’s & Autism, Anger & Frustration Management, Anxiety & Nervousness, Attachment Issues, Bereavement, Inhibiting Behavioural Patterns, Body Awareness, Confidence, Control Issues, Developmental Stagnation, Educational Needs, Expression of Emotions, Family Dynamics, Food & Eating difficulties, Internal Deprivation, Life Changes & Transitions (parental divorce, birth of new sibling, moving home, starting nursery/primary school, bereavement); Loss, Obsessions, OCD, Phobias, Difficulties in Playing & Exploring, Relating & Relationships, Self-consciousness, Separation Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Stress, Trauma

Psychotherapy and Counselling are based on individual needs. To book a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation on how Life Studio can help you, call or text Sophie Barrett directly and in confidence on 07766 812 874 or email

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