Inside our Head & Outside our Body

We all have an internal world and an external world of which healthy functioning is essential to the development of our minds. How we move between these two worlds shapes how we transport our internal wants and needs to the outside world for them to be met in reality.

Linking Mind and Reality

There is a link between the part of the Self which internally exists and that of its image which is externalised. However, this externalised image is not necessarily a perfect reflection of its primary. Your inner voice may not have the same content, tone or volume as your outer voice and vice a versa. In this case the link is either distorted, weakened, consciously altered as a defence or even non-existent bound by unconsciousness.

There is constant negotiation between our that which exists in our head and the real world outside.  At specific times in our lives or when placed in certain situations we actively or unconsciously choose to become imbalanced, as a necessary defence. This might be seen in withdrawal or acting out.  Understanding how our internal world works allows greater insight into how we function, relate and behave in our external world.  What we put on show changes moment to moment as our internal world constantly responds to external stimuli.  We also react to internally perceived situations triggered by experiences in reality.

The Creation of the World that Exists inside our Head

Our first internalisations (taken from our external world) provide scaffolding to who we are and who we might become. In healthy development we first use the resources of our primary care giver  to develop our mental resources.  Gradually, as we grow, we learn through our own experiences, building a personal perception and thus relying less on anothers understanding.

We slowly separate from our parents becoming more independent experiencing life without them. Through trial and error, we start to learn the consequences of our actions.  We come to realise that the parts of us which we consciously chose to present to the external world have an impact on our relationships. As this happens we discover our power and control through an increasing ability to master our body and minds.  This in turn uncovers the capacity to which we can create our own future.

The Wish to Live in One World or the Other

Wanting to live solely in your head or in a reality based on materialism and superficiality represents a difficulty to contain particular emotions, understandings and experiences. We either project these difficult elements out for others to hold or we keep them within in an attempt to avoid pain for our self or others.

We can deny the importance of our thoughts and feelings and rely solely on what is outside in its concrete form. We limit real connection with our emotions and give up any responsibility and control that we have over our life and the situations which arise in it. This greatly impacts on our identity and ability to relate genuinely.

In escaping to the sanctuary of our minds we cut off realtiy and create a fantasy world. By doing so we limit our ability to influence and control our reality.

The importance in recognising the existence and integration of the world in your head and the world which exists outside in reality is paramount in being able to take control, utilise your resources and create the life you want to live.

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