We all have resources in abundance to achieve our goals in life, it is all about uncovering them. Understanding your needs, wants and dreams is pivotal. You are the key to your success. Whether you wish to gain confidence; find a new direction; or seek understanding, process or closure, Life Studio will actively support you in your quest.

We work together in one on one sessions to understand who you are now, and who you want to be. We will discover mental road blocks in your development and distorted patterns in order to find the resources you have and internalise those you need. Focus is brought to your self-image and confidence, challenging current mind-set to empower the person you want to be, working towards a healthy life balance.


If we can tidy and balance the mind, our lives will follow suit, leaving space for our dreams to come true …


Sessions are structured to encourage focus, build confidence, gain clarity and to instigate change. The focal points listed below are a guide to what format coaching sessions can take.

Empowerment sessions focus on building confidence, recovering drive and stimulating empowerment whether it is to get ready for a big event or to boost mental wellness.

Life Alignment sessions look at all aspects of your life and how they relate to, and work with, one another. These sessions are about getting the best out of every area of your life, relationships, career, family and health ensuring mind and body are working in harmony with one another.

Goal Orientated sessions work towards a specific goal. This may be parenthood, an interview, corporate event, sporting achievement or examination. We ensure we understand exactly what our clients want to achieve. Together we manage expectations, pressure and anxiety to gain the greatest possible outcome.

Self-development sessions are where we work together to study and evaluate the movement and direction of your life journey so far and possible future paths. This is especially helpful to individuals who wish to understand their life journey. Clients may feel stuck and desire a change in direction; or gain clarity after a major life event, such as parenthood, going back to work after having time off, retirement or coming out of long term education.

Corporate and Group Coaching Sessions can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs be it at a one off event or ongoing sponsorship of managers and executives. Primarily these are used to motivate, build confidence and utilise your teams already present skills. They are also used at team building events, to inspire staff to work individually or in groups, to create an atmosphere of progression and forward focus in business.

Life Coaching sessions take place either face to face or on Skype. They are bespoke and tailored to fit in with your life and your needs. To book a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation on how Life Studio can help you or your organisation call or text Sophie Barrett directly on 07766 812 874 or email

“The sessions with Sophie were very helpful, professional in a way that creates confidence and trust and key to my wellbeing at the time I decided to start them. They helped me to concentrate on one problem at a time and solve in the best and calmest possible by analysing and acting on facts, actions and consequences.

Sophie is really good at understanding problems and situations quickly and coming up with the right questions and then steering me in the right direction towards finding or constructing a solution. These sessions were really great help fighting issues in my personal as well as professional life.”

M Demiren, London