Life Studio is a place to re-establish equilibrium in mind

In every individual there is the capacity to adapt, develop, and evolve.  I believe we all have the ability to create an environment which enables us to manage life’s challenges and continue to develop in the face of them.  At Life Studio we look to acquire awareness in mind and body to enable us to connect and engage, to consider and process, and to respond rather than react.  Life Studio supports the individual in taking control of their life and establishing their sense of self to secure health and well-being. 

Growth begins with investing in yourself and believing that you are worth the same as others, creating an internal and external environment which supports you in times of crisis or injury, as well as those of development.

In order to develop we must first recognise that every individual has a choice and in every choice there is a consequence.  Ultimately, one’s choices will determine how one lives life.




Therapy is a professional holding space to explore and manage emotional and psychological difficulties.  It is a place which seeks to analyse one’s internal and external experiences alongside cognitive, psychological and environmental influences, to understand our thinking, behaviours and emotions. 

Case Study

I honestly have nothing but positive things to say about the Life Studio experience with Sophie and would definitely recommend her to others …

“I relocated to London for a short period around two years ago and honestly believe that one of the best things that came out of my time there was meeting up with Sophie.  After the initial excitement of moving to a new city I soon found myself struggling.  Perhaps too much time on my own led me to reflect on life in general and various personal issues and everyday life experiences seemed to become unsurmountable. 

My sessions with Sophie allowed me to explore my thoughts and delve deeper into root causes and solutions.  Sophie was never judgemental, never tired of hearing probably much of the same week after week, never criticised or mocked my tears and took, what I felt to be a personal interest in me.  Rather than handing me solutions and realisations, Sophie gave me the time and the enthusiasm to reach them for myself.”

A. Hunter

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Any change we want to make begins with becoming aware of who we are now and how we got here.

We evolve to survive as a species but we develop to live as human beings.  We can exist, but existing is not living, and I believe in living not existing.

ADULT Psychotherapy