Welcome to Life Studio by Sophie Barrett


Through a deep curiosity and desire to understand my own mind and body I have undergone different processes of development, personal therapy, physical training, and vocational and academic qualifications.

In every individual there is the capacity to adapt, develop and evolve, and I believe we all have the ability to create an environment which enables us to manage life’s challenges and to continue to develop in the face of them.  At Life Studio we look to acquire awareness in mind to enable us to connect and engage, to consider and process, and to respond rather than react.  Life Studio supports the individual in taking control and strengthening their sense of self to find stability and well-being.

The process of any development begins with recognising that every individual has a choice and in every choice there is a consequence.  Ultimately one’s choices will determine how one lives life.  Investing in yourself, believing that you are worth the same as others, and creating an internal and external environment which supports you in times of crisis or injury as well as those of development, is Life Studio’s aim.



As an BACP accredited Child and Adult Counselling Psychotherapist I have extensive experience working with a variety of issues and presentations in short and long-term therapy.  I currently work in private practice and have also worked with Children and Adolescents for a number of years both in the community and in primary and secondary schools.  Alongside child therapy, I work with parents separately and in conjunction, to aid the therapeutic process.  In addition, I provide academic support for trainee counsellors in achieving their counselling qualification with theory and relational work.


I have experience with a variety of presentations in emotional and mental health specifically depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, divorce, and parent and child relationships.  For the last four years my work is predominantly in private practice seeing adolescents and adults, parents and new mothers. 


Our being is a complex combination of our neurological, biological, cognitive and psychological composition, which, in turn, effects, and is affected by, the environment in which we live.  I continue to seek understanding of the different ways individuals perceive, understand, and manage life experiences.   This understanding is derived from intense and thorough vocational training, obtaining academic qualifications in psychotherapy, counselling and psychology, as well as from my own therapy and analysis.  I believe in the importance of relational work and see the foundation of any therapeutic healing to be grounded in the relationship with have with ourselves and with others. 




I am a qualified Counselling Psychotherapist and accredited member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).  As an accredited member of BACP I am recognised as having achieved a high standard of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.  As a BACP accredited member I receive supervision when in practice and am bound by the BACP Ethical Framework.  I keep myself informed of up to date research and continue to develop my own skills and understanding through CPD courses and further training.




 For all my practices I have relevant and sufficient professional indemnity insurance in place.


MSc in Psychology – Child Development, University College London, 2020

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology, University College London, 2019

MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents, University of London, 2014

Certificate in Infant Observation – A Jungian Approach, British Psychotherapy Foundation, 2014

Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling and Counselling Skills, University of London, 2011




British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Accredited) BACP

British Psychological Society BPS

Birkbeck Counselling Association BCA




Vitality Health Care




Therapy is a professional holding space to explore and manage emotional and psychological difficulties. It is a place which seeks to interpret one’s internal and external experiences alongside cognitive, psychological and environmental influences in order to understand our thinking, behaviours and emotions. 

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